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Temporary Table Saw

If you want to do some woodwork, and need a table saw, but are short of either space or funds, then if you have a Workmate, a Circular Saw, and some left over plywood sheet, then it is a simple job to knock up a table saw, if I can do it anyone can.

I have been living in a first floor apartment for nearly two years, and now have serious withdrawal symptoms, and wanted to do some woodwork, you can see and read more about it and my other projects at:

Phil that looks like a really good set up that you have there and its also nice to almost meet you in the flesh too.

Looks great much better than my slap together one    as need new motoe for table saw  How do you turn on and off and hold trigger on, mine was crazy and not safe?

Now that looks a good set up Phil, often on site in the past knocked up similar for saw beds and often for a router as well.
What's your current project, now your set up?

Nice clean workshop, tools all to! I'd never find anything    

   me too

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