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What temperature do you use your washing machine and dishwasher at?

Most of the time I use a 30 degree wash for the washing machine with towels and bedding done at 60 to flush out the system.

I read somewhere yesterday about turning the dishwasher down to a 55-50 degree wash to save energy :-?  My dishes get a quick rinse before they are loaded and then when the dishwasher is full they usually get washed on the 35 degree cycle.

Both with clothes and dishes I don't feel that things get dirty enough nowadays to need a prolonged, hot wash.
Fey Dunnabitt

My washing machine only works on cold wash - it doesn't heat any more - and only on the hardest wash, so I use that for sheets and everything else is just soaped a bit by hand if necessary and then rinsed, or just rinsed. It all looks and smells clean. I usually use soap, not detergent.
I've seen so many traveller women washing a whole heap of clothes in half-a-bucketful - or, with half a bucketful, they'll wash a caravan, a car and five children - in that order.  
Try using your machine at 30-40° for everything and see what the results are like?

I've never had a washing-up machine.

I'm not a very together person, though. :-?

Everything at 30 in the washing machine. It is a cold fill only. AA rated.

Sad reflection on me, I have no idea whether or not my dishwasher has a low temp soon as its back in the house I promise to find out. My  dogs give everything a good "clean" before the dishwasher goes on!
Amanda Lynne

I always use the "worn once" cycle on my washing machine, which is a thirty degrees wash. Everything even towels and bedding seem to come up clean. As yet I have not been told that I smell!!!!! :q28: It is very handy as the cycle only takes about twenty minutes so I can do loads of washing on my day off.

I dont think that I have a temperature control on my dishwasher. I must look when I get home.

Both of these machines I could not do without, They are the most important devices that I own. I think that if I did have to do without, I would walk!!! :sad11:

No dishwasher, just Marigolds. rolleyes.gif

Washing at 30 unless bedding which gets 60.

Once a week quick cycle with vinegar to stop the mouldy smell developing.

I always use the low temperature wash on my washing machine. Teatowels and dishcloths get soaked in bleach and rinsed out first.

I only use the dishwasher when I have guests or have a big cooking session. Living alone, I find the dishes go manky in there waiting for it to be full enough to switch it on. Gone are the days when even the horse's bit and stirrup irons went in!! (They came out lovely and clean though  :q28: )

My tumble drier died a few months ago and I've managed quite well without - don't think I'll replace it. Might think differently if I was still washing for a family and small children though.

All at 30 in mine (an AA rated cold water fill only washer) apart from if the kids school polo shirts are looking a bit grey rather than white when it gets a 60 degree cycle.

we don't have a washing machine - we had the choice (many years ago)between a dishwasher and a wahsing machine so chose the dishwasher.  that has died and we never got round to replacing it so we wash up by hand and hand wash virtually all of our clothes.  We have a spin dryer that mum gave us (its about 30 years old) that takes about 20 seconds to spin dry clothes to almost dry - they then go on the line weather permitting or if not on the clothes airer in front of the wood burner at night.  once a month we go to the launderette and do a "havey" wash i.e. bedding, towels, tea towells, heavily soiled clothes etc - that then comes home and dries the same way unless its the middle of winter when it might get 50p in the tumble drier.  Costs about £5 a month in the big machine for the washing.

The spin drier would never be approved by H and S nowadays - the on off switch is opening and closing the lid!  It is an absolutely demon at spin drying though and puts moden machines to shame.

Have to say its hard work though but at least we haven't got to the point where simon buys me a wash board :smt103

Debbie, those spin driers are wonderful machines. I used to have an old one kept in the hall cupboard for when the washing machine broke down. I could cope without a washing machine if I had one of those, as most things nowadays get clean with an overnight soak. It's the wringing out that's the hard work.

(Although I do vaguely remember Mum had a mangle outside the back door - it used to kill buttons!)
Fey Dunnabitt

Seabird wrote:
(Although I do vaguely remember Mum had a mangle outside the back door - it used to kill buttons!)

and fingers.

thank goodness....I thought you were all going to think I was off my trolly

Of course you're not nuts. :-) I'll bring you a mangle and a dolly tub down with us. :q41:

quite fancy a mangle - although I am more likely to use it for rolling pasta dough :q28:
green man

Tea towels and towels, socks and smalls all get 60 every thing else get 40 as we are a filthy lot, it's a germ thing :-)

Everything goes in the 40 degree wash.
No tumble dryer as we now have miles of washing line in the orchard and I love the smell of freshly dried clothes!  And it isn't a problem with a young mucky family of three kids-have never tumbled dired in my life!
No dishwasher-just a belfast sink and a meat tray for a draining board!

Have got a 32 minute wash at 50 degrees which does everything except for the very occasional boil wash to deal with mishaps on whites (often someone else's dear daughter please note).

The lower temperatures on my machine take longer than the quick wash so a full load on a quick wash seems to be the most economical and environmentally friendly.

Had no washing machine till 1976 and I suppose I could go back to a lot more hand washing but the bedding would be a pain.

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