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Teme Valley Ploughing Match Hopton Heath South Shropshire

Had a great hour or so with her in doors and the boy at the ploughing match- the lad is really in to his tractors like most kids his age- he was in his element!! I love the last photo- I reckon it would make a nice painting.



Great thank you I love to watch them all the old tractor, but don't like photo of plow lines as mine are so bad   Love the last one too well it is a DB tractor  so extra good for me

A great way to spend a few hours .

Some good looking turns there, CS.

I was looking at an old Fordson on iron lugs the other day, but the owner thought it was made of gold, and wanted stupid money for it, so I let him keep it.

I love going to events like this. It makes you realise that the world's still real and not just television and computers. I can almost smell the TVO.

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