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Tell me about it!

Apples are almost as rare as hens teeth this year.

We have one tree it,s about 20 years old now we don,t know what it,s called this year we only managed to get 17kilos off it . Our plum tree lost most of the plums they just went bad and fell off.

We never even got that far with our plums this year Horace.
chicken feed

we live in a apple growing area we drove by some orchards a couple of weeks back the farmed orchards seem rather sparce in the apple department but on the other hand the disused overgrown orchards are laiden with fruit  

our young trees are either bare or one or two fruits and the young trees behind us in the cider orchards are bare too.

We have 6 trees (I think) and 2 are virtually bare of fruit. A couple of the others are OKish. It's not too bad for us because we usually end up with too many.

Our 2 old faithful bramleys produce next to nothing this year. Of the newly planted, 3-4 years ago I think, trees, only the Winson and Devonshire Quarenden have produced any fruit and they are only small trees so  only a limited  number of apples per tree.


I have non on my apple trees & just a very few split ones on the crab apple.  It proves how reliant we are on bees !!!

We really need to be able to buy a ton of eating apples from somewhere. I should about be OK for cider but the apple juice sold so well in the summer, that it would be a great shame to see things stall because of the shortage. I reckon that a ton should give us about 750 litres of juice.

No apples on our tree either  

been looking for sloes & elderberries to start some wine but cant find any of them either.

Well ! Weather permitting, we're off to the last two places on my list to pick the last of the apples for this season. The press has hardly seen any action this year and its definately been a season to forget.
Instead of the 2000 bottles of apple juice that we were looking to make, we'll be lucky to make 200. It all depends on what we manage to get today and having done a look see as to whats available, I'm not hopeful.

Having been able to pick a few more apples than we expected, thankfully, we have a pressing engagement tomorrow.

I'm particularly looking forward to sampling the juice from this half trug full of russetts.


We managed to do 215 x 75 cl bottles of apple juice out of those apples.

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