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tell if its a serious damp problem or not

I dont think I really want to know the answer to this but hey if its not serious then I can laugh about my recent sleepless nights  

My Boos bed is a huge thing made of faux leather. I moved it the other day to hoover, havent moved it since the summer, and I swear the carpet underneath felt damp. I pondered for a bit & thought maybe my imagination. I did the paper towel test & nothing showed but it still bothered me. Anyhow had another feel and had a sniff & it smells like earthy sort of mushroom peat. The rest of the carpet doesnt.

So....... is it possible the bed is causing moisture & as its constantly covered up its not getting air to it or a problem with the concrete floor.

I shall now run off with my fingers in my ears singing loudly as I dont think I could cope with another major problem with this bleddy house.

It's not the smell from where damp muddy Boo has been on bed is it?

hmmmm cant see how Mrs WW the bed has a 6inch cushion inside, vet bed on top then thick blanky on top of that, the whole thing is about a foot deep.

Sorry Mrs WW I forgot the time & had to take her out before I start work at 3.
to continue:-

Ive put the bed in the kitchen, she hardly uses it anyway prefers my sofa   I guess if its the beds fault the area should stop smelling & dry out. Tis all very strange  

I wouldn't worry too much. Move the bed about a bit. I'm tipping it's just poor ventilation between a non breathable fabric (the faux leather) and the cold concrete floor  

Agree with Alice. We had the same in a rented house. Poor circulation of air combined with a warm dog and a cold floor . Just move the bed every few days. Love Lizzie

Your responses are making me a very happy bunny    I shall give it the hand & sniff test in a few days. Thanks all fingers crossed.  

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