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In the last couple of weeks, Tia has been resembling a hamster, so decided to get the dentist to come and give her a check over...

Broken tooth! Whats she been  

Horses, eh?

So the vet is comin to sedate next week, and the electric implements will be out to remove the rest of it!

Poor Tia...her gum is all swollen, and she didn't complain at all!

So that puts my plans for competing out the window this weekend....will take the shetland in the inhand stuff instead!


Poor girl, i have the dentist booked for the end of the month.

Where were you going competing? We are off to West Ashby tomorrow. We did a ODE at Danethorpe on tuesday and the less said about my dressage test the better! My eldest daughter beat me by 9 clear marks!
Oh well tomorrow is another day


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