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Teddy Bear

Our Teddy Bear died last Friday he ws 9years old and born about 3 feet from where he lay down and went to sleep in front of the TV. So very sad day on Saturday when all the family came home to say good bye. His sister died about 2 years ago same way all of a sudden. We still have his Mother Angel she is 13 years old.


Oh I am so sorry to hear that - he looks to have been a lovely boy.  

That's a tear jerker Sod.

How sad - I feel for you

RIP Teddy Bear

Run Free at the Bridge with your sister!

I feel for you and family....Run free RIP Teddy run free...

So, so sorry Sod.

So sorry to hear about Teddy Bear

Sorry to hear this sod, he had a great life there with his family, take comfort from that mate.

Thank you all, he was a gentle giant and a protecter of everyone furry or not that lived here    and missing him every day as don't trip over him in doorways   or get a leg rub as he comes past just to say love you.
Grandma Bodger

Feeling your sadness RIP Teddy Bear

so sorry for your loss ..R.I.P Teddy Bear

It breaks your heart doesn't it....:(

Sorry mate  

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