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Teddy Bear

Our big dog has been constipated for last couple of days so Jean took him to vet to-day and turns out his prostate is huge and blocking the track.So she is doing opp tomorrow then tests to check for the big "C" We are hoping and praying all will be good news
this is him going on his trip to spend weekend in WellyWood with Joanne and girls in flat

I hope everything turns out ok

Good luck for the operation and the results.

Fingers crossed all will be well....thoughs are with you all

Hoping he will handle it all as well as possible, that the report is a good one, and, that he heals quickly. My thoughts are with you all. <3

fingers crossed for good results

Fingers crossed for you all

Hope all goes well.

Thinking of you, hope the big guy comes through the op fine, and the test results are good

I hope that things are OK:thumbup:

Hope all goes well

Here's hoping that all went well

12Bore wrote:
Here's hoping that all went well

Was wondering the same, hope all is ok?

Thank you all, He goes back for check tomorrow yesterday was first time he started passing solids so great that. He is on oily fish,rice and mince plus tablets which he lets me open his mouth and put in his throat   first few times I was worried if he shut his mouth at any time finger nail trimming would be thing of the past to-day he has been running around an wagging his tail   Thank you all for your good wishes
Grandma Bodger

It looks as tho theres an improvement thank goodness keep the good news coming

Looks promising

Sounds good, all the best  

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