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Tarka the Otter.

The novel Tarka the Otter by Henry Williamson? IMO It's a countryman and woman's must have.
For some reason, tonight I've been thinking about my long departed Auntie Joyce. She was my oldest and one of my favourite aunts and I still have fond memories of her. One of them, is of her buying me a copy of the book for my birthday. That was when I was about ten years old and I still have it in my library to this day. I also have the video which was narrated by Peter Eustinov.
If you haven't got a copy of both, then I recommend you get one and as a little tester  for anyone who is familiar with Williamsons works, can you remember the name of the holt in which Tarka the Otter was born? I only ask, because I can.  

Can,t remember the holt but saw the film
Yorkshire Geordie

Owlery Holt  

Very near to Canal Bridge, above

Spot on Mart.

I just had to hunt my copy of the book out last night and start to re read it. My prized possession was obviously brand new when I had it as a present from my aunt but its a bit dog eared now. Its a 1967 reprint of the original, which was first published in the 1920's.

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