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Tangerine/Clementine Ice Cream

This is to use up "left overs" and I am afraid I am a "recipe on the hoof" type cook, so can't give accurate measurements, but I think if you just taste the mix and adjust it to how you like it you should be fine.  

Remember that cold foods don't taste as sweet, so make the mix a bit sweeter than you would normally like it

Some sugar or clear honey, about 2 tablespoons
Finely grate the rind off 5 or so clementine type fruit
Squeeze out the juice (sans pips)
Heat all together in a pan with a vanilla pod (you could use some preserved ginger instead if you like a ginger/orange mix)

Yolks of 5 or 6  eggs (less if larger, mine are pullet size at present)
1 or 2 egg whites
Beat these till pale, add into heated juice mix and beat up a bit more

Return to pan (or pan over water if not confident) and heat -stirring all the time - till it begins to thicken, but not too much or you will have scrambled eggs

Whip up some double cream - I used about 3/4 of a big pot (left over from Christmas day pud)

When cream is thick but not grainy mix in with egg and clementine mix

I put in about a tablespoon of rum and juice of half a lemon I had left over, but neither of these is necessary

Do plenty of tasting    -  then when you are happy with flavour put in ice cream maker.  If you dont have one put the mix in shallow tray, leave nearly frozen then take out and whisk up before returning to freezer to set fully

I shall remove mine from freezer for about 30 mins at room temp so it is a bit softer for serving.

I have some profiteroles and chocolate sauce we will have at the same time.

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