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Tall Ship

We had the Tall Ships visit us in Owen Sound harbour this weekend, it was a glorious day. The ships looked wonderful.


Beautiful! I loved watching all the ships coming in when as a girl we lived on the hills overlooking a port.

How far are you living from the sea?

Thanks love the tall ships  

Kaz I live VERY far from the sea, but very close to the great lakes, which are huge and could be described as inland seas....except they are fresh water.  They have their own fishing industry, and shipping....there was a huge steel ship at the dock in Owen Sound this weekend....longer than a football pitch easily. The ships come in from the Atlantic up the St Lawrence river and enter the great lakes.

As we live on islands and never more than 100Ks from the sea Ifind it hard to think of living inland so far some people have never been to the sea, I know it is just me same as places where it has never rained

Beautiful pic, and location.

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