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Taking cuttings from lavender?

Can anyone tell me how easy it is to take cuttings from lavender plants? There are so many different types of lavender and while we'd like to have lots of plants around the place, they can be quite pricy in the garden centres.

How and when should we take cuttings off our existing plants ? We've managed to grow some plants from seed this year but I can half remember having read somewhere that most lavender plants are propagated from cuttings but I may be wrong about that.

With most woody type plants, I've always picked the new tender growth, torn it off the main/mother stem, leaving a heel on it
Remove most of the lower leaves, leaving only a few on the head/top.
Dip the heel of the cutting in water and then into rooting compound.
Using a small 3" pot dibble about three holes around the edge and pop in your cuttings.
Water well and leave in a G/H , checking them out as and when.
Can be done now or better still in early spring when they are more likely to be producing new growth.

Other than that, jar of water, drop heeled trimmed cutting into it leave and wait and see. Sometimes they will produce very visable roots, then plant on.

Excellent info from Digindeep, Id only add - for your potting mix, Id use 2 pts compost to 1 pt sharp sand or small gravel - this will keep them from rotting in the winter.  and water from below, not above.
remember cool heads, warm bottoms.

Thanks you two. from what you've said, I think that this afternoon will see us repotting the plants that we've grown from seed and us adding some sharp sand.

all you need to know about lavendulas I use these sites a lot lately as my memory is not what it used to be

hope this helps

Good advice youve been given.  I love the different types of lavender.  I often find when I take cuttings (thanks for reminding me to do some more) that bits Ive dropped end up taking in a bed. Rosemarys a good one to do as well.


As said Lavender is very easy to root from cuttings,as we live in the valley of Lavender fields,most of the valley is Lavender and rose oil,good luck with your cuttings.

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