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Rare one

tail- less

A tail-less Blackbird has been visiting the garden for the last few days, looks odd but is otherwise healthy . Wonder if it was born like this or if it is the result of an altercation.

Sparrow Hawk would be my guess.

I think i would name it " Lucky"
Dave C

bodger wrote:
Sparrow Hawk would be my guess.

No Rare One is probably Wright, it will be a Blackbird  


We have a 3 year old tailess Magpie that visits our garden every day.

At first we thought that this Magpie had lost its tail to a Cat or a Peregrine. But after seeing this particular bird since just after its first flight and almost everyday since, and because it has gone through 3 moults now I think it is very safe to say that this is an embryo development or birth defect.  

The range of this bird is about 1000 metres radius from our house and I have seen it feeding on the meadow next to the river 850 metres in a straight line away on several occasions. It is a regular outside the fast food outlets on the precinct 400 metres away and a couple of times I've seen it flying back from over the wall of the prison 900 metres away. It visits the King William IV pub 765 metres away, and Jak's Diner 1000 metres away: all measured on Google maps using the distance measuring tool.

However, this Magpie flies better, faster and a lot higher, and is more agile than its brothers and sisters and far from being supposedly hindered by the lack of tail this particular bird is flourishing. Last summer we noticed young magpies on the park and in the wood behind our house with shorter tails than normal and these young birds have thrived through this winter.

Although we see this particular Magpie everyday getting a photo has proven to be difficult and shooting a video impossible.

Dave C

We had a Jackdaw with one leg around our place for a while.

Haven't seen him in a while  

This morning, our tail-less Magpie along with its mate are busily building a nest in the very large Oak tree 25-30 metres over the fence in Lionwood.

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