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Hi everyone, i received a tagine of a friend for christmas and was looking for any recipes to give a try too, look forward to your suggestions......

Hi Buzzard - no recipe suggestions for you from me I am afraid but I have to say what a fantastic christmas present.  I have one on my wish list!

I think there was someone on here a few weeks ago with a tagine that I am sure will be along shortly with some ideas

We have a Tagine, and a book with recipes.
We haven't tried them all yet but will post one we've tried later when I have more time.

I have one, & use it a lot! Basically, any recipe you have for a stew, casserole or slow-cooked dish can be used in a tagine. The shape is designed to allow the steam to condense inside the lid and keep the moisture levels up inside.

If you have a look at my recipe for mutton rogan josh this is an absolutely ideal recipe for a tagine  

I love my tagine! I usually do either chicken or lamb with red and yellow peppers,red onions,apricots and tomatoes. A good dollop of harrissa paste and some cinnamon sticks makes for a lovely supper. I dont know how but it definitely tastes different - and nicer - cooked in the tagine. Have fun experimenting, love Lizzie

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