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Tablehurst Farm.

I recently found this website and enjoyed a pleasant look around Tablehurst Farm and I liked what I saw. See what you think.

The site takes some navigating but make sure that you take a look at their pig, cattle and poultry pages.

This place is about 15 minutes away from me. I do buy meat there when I happen to be passing and very good it is too.

You're lucky to have such a place virtually on your doorstep.

It seems a very good way to do business.
Of course, in my youth mixed farms were very much the order of the day. It was the way in which farmers attempted to avoid having all their eggs in one basket. The old farms were far more interesting and exciting places to explore than the mono-cultures that have become the norm today. I use to love working on the old farm that was next door to Grandma Bodgers house. Some of my happiest memories come from hay making there.
If I lived anywhere near Tablehurst, or somewhere similar, then I'd love to get involved with what they're doing.

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