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Table manners

Where have they gone?

Do you hold your knife/fork/spoon properly?
Elbows off the table?
Put your knife and fork together properly when you're finished?

Raise your food to your mouth, not your mouth to your food.
Never speak with mouth full.
Never drink with mouth full.

I could go on

This is a dying art and yet another thing that does not appear to be passed down the generations

Some of em don't even know how to use a knife! If they can't eat it with a fork or fingers they're stumped!

My eldest step-son, a regular pain in the ar.... er, visitor, laughs at me because although I live on my own I always set a place at the table for every meal.
When asked why, I told him it was because he had to be pushed to work, his mission in life is eating, drinking and sex, so there wasn't that much difference between him and a donkey!
He's still working it out!
Good parenting taught me what few manners I have! Whoops, I'll be ranting in a minute!

We are very traditional in that respect.  The three of us always eat together in the evenings at a properly laid table.  Daughter has friends who never eat with their families and we just can't get our heads around that at all!  

Rules are, don't hold your knife like a pen, if you rest knife & fork between mouthfuls, then put them properly on the plate, not sticking up with their handles on the table, put them together when you have finished.  Elbows... hmm I'm a bit guilty of that at home I must say.

We always have a traditional roast on a Sunday, although this is in the evening rather than lunchtime.  Again, daughter's friends really don't to that either.  Apart from anything else, it's such an economical thing to have as there's always something to do with leftovers on a Monday.

table manners are a must......
but as a kid we were always taught not to talk at the table......nowadays the table and mealtimes are a time to talk, to chat about the day etc......sometimes that is the only time when families get together.

i like the french/potuguese/italian etc idea of chatting and eating and taking your time and thouroughly enjoying the meal in company.

Totally agree, Manners especially table manners are an absolute must.
Sunday lunch no matter what time, its always timed to suit all,
reguardless of what each individual may have planned...
Bank holidays, birthdays or even just because we feel like it...we often have family get togethers....
Its good to get together..spend a few hours chatting away..catch up time..
and enjoying a good roast, whilst doing so...
Due to such occassions, never had problems with our own kids ....
and have certainly noticed the difference with our two Grandsons...
They reciprocate by being a pleasure to take into a resturaunt... in my opinion helps not only bond the family,  teaches our children life skills,
if we don't teach them.... need I say more?  

Bye Paul

Go to the loo to pass wind.
Always show a good meal, well enjoyed, by a very long, loud, belch.

Even Jnr. was restaurant trained by about 6yrs. old.
Manners maketh man and cost nothing.

Kaz and I had a pleasant enough meal in Weatherspoons yesterday.

The pub was pretty busy with lots of people taking advantage of the reasonably priced meals. Two families with young children came to our attention.
The first one had kids that behaved really well. Their chidren were around ten years of age and were a real credit to them. I congratulated them at the end of the meal following the behaviour of the second family that I'm going to tell you about.

Their kids were a set of b******s. They in contrast screamed and shouted and were allowed to run unchecked all around the dining room. The two women seemed unable or unwilling to control their bratts as they used the leather settees as diving boards and hurdles.
As I say, what a contrast.  The Weatherspoons staff were only young kids and for the money that they get, I could understand why they weren't prepared to confront the fat chav like parents. All I can say, is thank God, they had nearly finished their meals by the time that we sat down.

While I'm on my high horse, what is it with overweight women and their need to have the tops of their bottoms tatooed ? Builders bums do not rock my boat. Do these porky ladies get cheaper rates for tatooing by buying in bulk I wonder ? Instead of having ear rings inserted in their offsprings ears, wouldn't they be better advised to have some sort of swivel ring fitted so that they could control them at feeding time ?

By the time they're 50 the Asre Antlers will be on the tops of their legs.

It's sad that Chavs breed Chavs and those poor kids will know no better and proceed to bring up yet another similar generation. As were their parents.
Thank god that they tend to not go into the slighty better places that serve food. It seems to only really happen in the Family/Children Welcome Pubs, with or without food being served.
What chance do these kids have when all they get is, go away we're eating?

Table manners are a forgotten past time.
one thing which i can not stand is people who slap there mouth and chew with there mouth open.It is disgusting. :evil9:

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