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Sweet scent

The garden is smelling lovely, now the sun has made an appearance.

Rosa rugosa, sweets peas and meadow sweet.


Great show make me wook foreward to spring/summer  

We have honeysuckle in flower and the scent seems to get stronger as the day goes on.

I love the smell of honeysuckle,  sadly most of ours has gone over now. This year I'm finding  flowers aren't lasting as long. The buddliea (sp) flowers finished before the weather was warm enough for the butterflies. Today is the first day the garden has really 'buzzed'
Grandma Bodger

I love the Sweet Peas mine are over now seeing yours against the wall thats how I shall do mine next year instead of them climbing up a metal cone  
colour it green

we still have buddleia flowering here, Sandra

odd how different we find things when we don't live that far apart!

Mine went over disappointingly quickly this year. I read you have started to pick blackberries ..ours are only just in flower.

What is it 12.5 miles between us ? I guess it's the differnce between sea level and the moors.

Lovely piccies  

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