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Sweet pots, anyone else tried growing them?

For the first time we have tried growing sweet potatoes.

We did not use slips instead we had a tuber that had started to sprout about this time last year which we planted in a large pot & kept inside near a window.

Once the plant started to get big we fitted some trellis for it to grow up. As soon as the new poly tunnel was up we moved it to it after transplanting it in to a small potato planter sack. Initially the sudden extra heat knocked it back but it soon recovered & started to grow like mad.

Yesterday I harvested the tubers.

Not to bad for a first go & the investment of one tuber. Looking at all the small ones we should have left them a bit longer & had it in a bigger container by about 2 or 3 times.

We already have 2 more tubers starting to sprout & have leaves on them. At the min they are still in the tunnel but will soon be brought inside to repeat the method we used this time.

Brilliant, what a great crop...Keep it going and let us all know how well you get on...

Unfortunatly no one in this house enjoys or likes them....but ME!  

But there again I'm easily out when I'm hungry...  

Great crop well done

Nice, well done!

We eat them in two main ways.

Added to the potatoes when making mash & roasted till they start to caramelise.

OH also likes them done like a jacket spud but I dont.

I have some in the greenhouse waiting for me to dig up. Those look really great   .
My favourite way of eating them is as wedges, baked

They are common here can even get them as wedges or chips from some fish&chip shops

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