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Sweet dreams little man

Jake, Border Terrier x JRT, 1999-2013

After several months decline we made the sad decision to say goodbye to Jake on Saturday.  He was a stubborn, gobby, wonderful little dog, but had become very unpredictable.  He never showed any signs of pain but he just wasn't aware of his surroundings any more.  He had sedatives for breakfast and my old boss came out to the house, he drifted off to sleep in his favourite indoor spot by the french doors, on my lap.  

He was my dog when I lived at home, my little mate who got me into dog training and behaviour.  The house is very quiet without him.

Running on the beach in Cornwall last summer with my spaniel and my parents' other dog

Resting out on the hill


A good age for any dog, and he looks as though he knew how to enjoy life.  Thinking of you in your sadness - they are so much a part of our lives x

Sorry to hear about your loss - they really do leave a big pawprint on our hearts don't they our furry friends?  Run free over Rainbow Bridge Jake with all our furry friends who have gone before you.  xx

RIP Jake, xx

We know how you feel.

Sad time, with years of memories...R.I.P. Jake....

so very very sorry to hear your news.  Run free at the bridge Jake x

Like others said very sorry for you it is very hard and he sure looks a champ   to you from us and our furry family

Awww sorry zboo, he looks a proper character. Big hugs to you, Love LizzieXX
Dave C

Such a very sad time

I share your sorrow.

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