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Swan Vesta Matches. How the mighty have fallen ?

Swan Vesta Matches ? The box looks the same and it still proudly states 'The original' 'Made to the Highest Quality since 1883' What a load of tosh !

They're absolutely rubbish. A good number of them refuse to light, the heads fly off and as of this morning, I'm sporting a nice blister on the back of my hand where one did exactly that. I've told Karen that from here on in, not to buy anymore.
They're definitely not the original Swan Vestas that we all knew!


I burnt the top of my mouth the other week, had a lovely blister, only just stopped stinging in the last couple of days.

Sounds a familiar problem bodger - I had some which didn't light the brazier on the allotment.

I now use Bryant and May - once British but now made abroad. As ever.

We had Bryant&May matches here to and beehive which we still may BUT proudly made in Sweden We proberly export the trees to them to make them  

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