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Rare one


Hubby (hard at work) just rang me saying "I've just seen seven swallows"  
I guess Spring has sprung and hopefully Summer is just around the corner.

I've just driven from home to Four Crosses which is one of the best places around here to see early swallows but not a sign of any. I'll keep my eyes out for some..

It's pouring, again,  
There's nowt for the swallows to eat yet, so they'll not be here for a bit yet I reckon.

Spring can't come soon enough, it really can't this year.


None here yet, but it was 4th April in 2014 that I saw my first of the year  

I'm still waiting to see my first swallow, it just shows what a one off my early sighting last year must have been.

Nothing here yet though there have been a few in the area apparently

Mine aren't here yet either.

We're still waiting for our male osprey. The female arrived last week but still no sign of her mate.

Rare One told me yesterday that both male and female ospreys had been sighted but I'm not sure if we're talking the same pair.

The strong winds maybe life hard for the Swallows
Rare one

I was talking about the Dyfi pair Monty and Glesni, Bodger.

Rutland's Osprey webcam.
mrs tiggywinkle

 If I was a swallow I'd stay in Africa for a while longer too cold here!!!!!   I have seen the sand martins nesting on the cliffs today though.
Yorkshire Geordie

I've not seen our Devon swallows yet this year.  
Looking through my records I see that the earliest I've seen them in Devon was in 2013 on 23rd April, so there's still time to beat it, just.  

Dave C

Just seen my first Swallow this morning  
Yorkshire Geordie

Congratulations and well done Dave.  
They've obviously returned for the northeast view in Teesside - a beautiful neck of the woods that I remember with nostalgia.

They're not here in Devon yet - maybe because it's a tad chilly and very persistently at the moment.
Here's hoping.  

I have been dive bombed a couple of times over the last few days by either swifts or swallows. Dont know which ones as they were way to quick for me to follow them. Whatever they were i am glad to have seen them as it makes me feel that summer is finally on its way  


I've just got back in from having taken the dog for an hours walk but still not a sign of any swallows but there are one or two Sand Martins to be seen flitting around the sandy cliffs on Morfa Nefyn beach.

We had 2 back yesterday, they are almost a week later than last year!

They're still here...... it's warmer.

I saw one last Wednesday 13th, but none since.

I saw the first one this morning but Bodger has yet to see one
Dave C

Bet he's not happy about that Kaz  

Ecstatic !
Yorkshire Geordie

There are no swallows in this neck of Devon.
After reading of the success elsewhere, today I actually went to the site where the twitchers watch.
No swallows in evidence at all - but plenty of chirping and twittering by other feathered friends.
I did manage a few shots of these lovely creatures though:-

And there were quite a few ducks and drakes swimming around.
But no swallows - yet.
Yorkshire Geordie

I've seen two swallows soaring over the River Otter just this past minute.
Do two make a Summer yet?  
I didn't take a picture of them so I can't prove the event.
Mrs Y.G. had walked to the farm to get some potatoes and veggies and I collected her using the car.
Old age is not pleasant at times and is very over-rated.  
But I'm really chuffed that the swallows have returned - and I may re-visit the location this afternoon (or tomorrow) with my equipment.

We have had swallows nesting in the stables here for the last 20+ years and they always arrive around the 11th. This year one lonely one arrived and nothing since. Really hoping they are just late.  

The 'truck shed' swallows returned to their nest a couple of days ago, we're still waiting for the feed store and stable pairs to return
Dave C

Bet the swallows round hear wished they'd stayed where they were  

I've seen our first one yesterday. It must have been thinking "why did I bother ?" with the cold wind and hail.  

We've had a few swallows around for a while but nowhere near as many as usual but thank goodness, they came back in earnest yesterday. We had at least a dozen in the farmyard. They were noisy and argumentative, it was as though they'd never been away. They checked out every outbuilding that we have on the place, they were everywhere. It's great to have them back.
Yorkshire Geordie

Well, to contimue this thread a little longer, here's my up to the minute report.

The swallows arrived last month and when the season is over there will be more going home.

Here are some shots of their antics I saw today  

I don't think they were fighting in that sequence so it must have been a lover's tiff.

This viewer could only give a "flying duck" for their antics .......

and this one merely said "Gull p" as he flew by .......

So - I think there will be quite a few more swallows going home than initially came on a visit.  


Rare one

   thanks for sharing

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