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suspensory ligament injury

My friends show jumper has injured his suspensory ligament in one hind leg.  Just been diagnosed by the vet.  Dommy is 8 years old and was about to be put up for sale.  vet has said he doesn't know how long before he can go back to competing if ever.  Anyone any experience of this injury?  Unfortunately Dommy is not the sort of horse that could be used as a hack as he is a bit on the evil side to the point of sometimes dangerous in the stable. Not a family horse at all.

My nieces mare injured a suspensory ligament in her foreleg last sept and is still off work. she had a months box rest then was able to be turned out. Since the new year she has had scans fortnightly, physio 3 weekly and this will continue until mid march when the vet will advise if she can start to be worked quietly again. It is going to be a long process but because the injury was spotted immediately the vet believes she will come back to full fitness.

Good luck to your friend and to Dommy. I hope he manages to cope with it all and comes back to full fitness eventually


Thanks Claire.  I hope your nieces horse comes back OK.  Unfortunately Dommies injury is to a back leg and has been mis diagnosed for the last 4 months. Initial treatment is 8 weeks total box rest.  my friend is not looking forward to it - she still has the scar and brewsing from when he bit her in the side 10 months ago!  He has to be tied short to be able to do anything with him but he is a fantastic showjumper - or was anyway

I'm sorry to hear about his injury - what prognosis have the vets given/ and have they advised any further investigations?

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