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Super grass!

We coaxed Gladys out of her sty with a bucket of nuts and lead her up to her new paddock this morning. That was the easy bit, then Karen and I had to carry each and everyone of her three week old piglets kicking and screaming up to her.

We'd built quite a sweat up by the time we'd finished, I can tell you .

thay look very happy

Gladys knows the score with electric fencing but the poor little beggars keep on getting zapped !    It wont take them long to learn. By the time we'd finished transporting them, I was beginning to feel almost glad she's only had the seven.
Dave C

Yes bet there real happy with all that grass  

That lot should keep them going for a while

I've got five gilts and two boars. My plan is to sell the two boys as weaners at eight weeks and then to fatten the girls up for the chop. They should be ready at the beginning of February. I already have three of them pre booked as half and whole butchered pigs.

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