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Is anyone else soaking wet through like me?
I've just got in from having done my rounds feeding and I'm absolutely sodden! I've had to stay out a bit longer than usual and take straw up to some of the pig arks to keep the pigs dry and warm Gosh I wish I was .smile emoticon

My good old faithful waterproofs have finally let me down. They've done sterling work for years and although I can't see any obvious rips or holes, they definitely leak.
I need your help in sourcing some new gear, I don't know which ones to go for. I prefer the big baggy waterproof trousers with the braces, for ease of slipping them on and off easily. In this sort of weather I tend to leave my wellies in 'me' trousers by the backdoor ready for a quick get away.

The ones I've got now don't owe me a penny. They were given to me by my mate Von in the USA when I went over to see him. That was over ten years ago, so they haven't done badly but I haven't been able to find anything suitable on the internet as replacements. Has anyone got any recommendations? What waterproof wear do you use ?

I've dried out a bit now, the coffee's on, the Mrs is long since gone Christmas shopping, the telly will going and I'm not going outdoors again until one O'clock. That's when I'll have to go out and feed the pork pigs again.
What a blinking day, its absolutely torrential !

We has RAIN here too    next door was drying off real bad

Back in Thailand now . It has cooled this week 30c day 20c night clear skies. Tomato plants 18 inches high now.

What is this sunshine you are speaking of?  Rain and mud I understand but sunshine?...........nope sorry, remind me

Mole valley farmers for your water proofs and water wings

debbie     23degs blue skys  white fluffy clouds with big yellow thing up there    does that help memory

Ahh nope!

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