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We have a wren that frequently visits the barrel BBQ so we put fat balls there for it. 3 sunflower seedlings bravely tried to grow in the ashes of the BBQ and were rescued and planted. They have grown to about 3 foot and the first one has just come into flower and is being appreciated by the local wildlife


Love it!

(I've missed my sunflowers this year...)

Have not grown sun flowers for a good few years now... just really  don't think about them. Why? I've no idea...

They look great Kaz.....we will see next year...

Grew them years back as DD interested...also the Grandsons...

Mind you the two "Horrors" are only interested in the pumkins I'm growing,,,wonder Why?....  

Beautiful we are just getting things ready to plant some for this year, most years something seems to happen to them  

I forgot to do some this year  

That's a great photo Kaz!
Dave C

Very nice  

Lovely photo - it cheered me up and a grey wet cold day  Thanks  

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