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summer is offically over

on Exmoor anyway.....horses rugged, stables painted ready for them to come in.

Its horrid here too - very windy - apples all over the grass.
And raining!!!

Bundles of joy you two are.

Here I am walking around in me skiddies and a T-shirt, its so hot  

No.........I tell a lie, it's hissing it down, it's blowing a gale and it's blodoy cold,  and I have just lit the wood boiler.

So, yes I can only agree with you, I think the summer has been and gone over here aswell.

The weatherman has promised a really hard winter, lets hope they have got it wrong. If not then I have enough firewood for 2-3 hard winters. and if not I have enough booze to keep us warm.

My lot have been growing their winter woolies for the past month . I'm seriously going to have to start thinking of clipping them sometime soon. The earliest I've ever done it before is the end of October and even then I could have put it off a little longer.

Winter woolies growing here too! I shall have to clip soon if we want to get back in to serious work. I had a lovely ride today on the Forest, loads of weird mushrooms and all the gorse bushes had spiderweb festoons. Love Lizzie

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