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Summer feedingout

Just to let you knowwhat is coming your way and here now

Been like this fore ever it feels but rain is on its way    

wow that looks dry !

Good grief, you have got trouble. I thought that your climate was warmer but similar to ours.

Blimey that looks awful i hope you get the rain soon

I saw fields like that in Tasmania with a flock(100,s) of sheep on and thought it very bad until it was explained to me they were eating the roots/rhizomes as part of crop management.

Feed in summer and feed in winter, it's never ending.    

Thank you Yep this is driest for 20+ years but older locals say in the 60s this was the norm. We seem to be in the two highest temps in the country most days. Tasmania is at about the same lat. as NorthIsland NZ so gets same weather. In a few months we will be moaning about the rain and mud     If we do't get rain soon while the ground is warm it will be a bad winter, don't think our hay in shed will do so as you all know stock will go, some are due to go soon anyway. Bodger you will get to hear about the weather here first hand now  

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