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maine moose


Well folks as its hallowen  I thought to my self about making some winter wines for next year.To this end I made some Pumkin wine,Carrot wine and suger beet??? So far all bubbling away nicely anyone one got any other surgestions for winter type wines?Or any thoughts on the suger beet wine following C.J.J.Berry's recipes

A friend of mine made wine with Mangel Wurzel which I imagine would be similar - it was quite nice.


Many years ago, we made Rowan berry wine and it was rocket fuel. We had some friends over for a session on it and one of them was wearing sunglasses for a couple of days after.
maine moose

It sounds like i could be on to a winter warmer then Iknow its active in the demi john lol

I have got 2 wine kits bubbling away on the windowsill infront of me in demijohns and they already smell alcoholic

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