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Sugar beet as a crop to feed to pigs?

Sugar beet as a crop to feed to pigs?
This weekend we'll be moving some of our pig arks onto fresh ground. As you can imagine, the pigs will leave the land well turned over and manured.
By the time all the arks have been moved, there'll be an area of about three quarters of an acre. I'm considering planting it up with sugar beet as a crop to be fed to the pigs. I don't have any experience in cultivating beet and its not a crop that's grown in our area, so has anyone got any tips as to what's entailed?

Sorry can't help regarding sugarbeet never tried it either as a crop or a feed. I'm going to do the same thing this year but with swedes and turnips. I fed a lot of swedes last year and the pigs did very well on them.
Fowgill Farm

Have tried growing it, it likes a good tilth/seed bed and no competition.
We managed a small crop using some seeds from a local grower (we used to have British Sugar at York then!) but nowi buy mine from another farmer who grows tonnes for his cows, i get 3 big JCB bucket scoops in OH's plant trailer for 40 and it sees me right thro winter, we shred it for the pigs in an 'unchokable' chopper. They love whole ones too to chase round their pens.

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