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suet pastry

Got a bit carried away making suet pastry this afternoon.  Not only made enough for the steak and kidney pudding which is now steaming away but seem to have about 3/4 pound left.  Any ideas what to do with it over the next couple of days?  Was thinking of an old fashioned jam rolly polly all wrapped up then steamed.  then I thought about rolling it out then putting a layer of bacon then one of mushrooms then one of tomatoes then rolling it up carefully as a savoury rolly polly then either baking or steaming and serving in slices.....any other ideas?.............As you can tell from all this the diet is going really well - I blame it on the hard work and cold weather giving us both the need for comfort food

I very much like the idea of the savoury rolly-polly; with a little mustard of course

My mum used to make a bacon rolypoly when I was little. From memory it had bacon,sage and onion inside and served with a parsley sauce. It used to boil in an old tea towel for hours.  Real winter grub - I'm tempted to have a go myself. Love Lizzie

hah lizzy yes - thats what I do.  Takes me back.  Learnt it from my nan.  Grease proof paper then a tea towell on the outside and all rolled up and tied at the ends with string.

Yes Gareth - a smear of mustard on the pastry before layering on the filling is a must!  Some heathens I know (my brother ) smear with tomato sauce instead of mustard.

6 million calories a slice

Same as Lizzie, bacon & onion rolypoly - YUM!!!!!!!

Leek and bacon--mmm!

Like the sound of the bacon and mushroom roulade type thing Debbie. Might have a dabble this weekend.
Thanks, Lw

Did bacon, onion and mushroom.  Absolutely delish.  haven't made it in donkies years but I think it would actually be worth making the suet pastry just for this!

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