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Stumped. Bird ID please. If you can.

This morning, we've had a bird in the garden that we've never had before feeding on the fat balls. Not only that, I don't recall ever having seen one before anywhere.
Normally, when there's a newcomer, I generally have a clue as to what it might be and go to the books or internet for confirmation but this time, I'm stumped. I haven't got a clue.
Sods law, I managed to jigger the camera up yesterday, so here goes with the best description that I can give.
The bird was sparrow sized but appeared to be more elongated. It didn't have a finches bill, it was quite long and pointed. At first glance we thought it to be a red poll but the cap wasn't right. It was uniform olive green in colour and extended towards the back of its neck.
The birds underneath was light solid grey in colour and its back had sparrow like markings. Its tail was quite short.
I pride myself in knowing the birds that come to our garden but this
one has me beaten. I'll know it if I can see a picture of it again, so can you help me out? Its definitely not one of your common or garden birds, or I'd know what it was.
Yorkshire Geordie

Bodger, sounds like it's probably another senior moment.
I get them frequently and they're lasting longer each time also.
When I'm stumped in bird spotting I turn to this site:-
It provides a check list of particulars which will narrow the choices.
It also provides nice pictures.

No. Not a senior moment, neither Karen and I have ever seen this particular bird. Its just a shame that our camera has gone Kaput. I'll definitely have a look on that site.
Northern Lass

Sounds like a dunnock? Also known as the hedge sparrow.

We get them round here and the big 'tell' is the sharp pointy beak, otherwise they're a little more stripy than sparrows but the same size and general colour.

Could it have been a Blackcap?

That bird? I managed to capture these pictures this morning when it popped in for some more fat ball. Not the best set of photos but I hope that they'll do.


Looks like a female blackcap to me

Many thanks, you've sorted it for me.
brummie nick

As someone who considers himself as a bit of a country boy, I'm some what embarrassed to admit that I didn't know that the female blackcap didn't have a black cap.

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