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Strawberry Plants

On 17th March I ordered some everbearing strawberry plants from a well know firm on the internet.
Recieved Email 28th March "plants dispatched".
Nothing arrived, a few phone calls later they were declared "lost in the post" and a replacement lot arrived which have been planted and are doing well.
Nine weeks after ordering the original plants they turned up. ( it seems that the post man was with-holding the mail rather than delivering it!! He has been found out and sacked)
The amazing thing is that some of the plants were still alive. I have planted them in the greenhouse and they are starting to grow.


All the best with them  

I hope that they thrive - what was that postman thinking he was doing?

From what our other regular posty has said he was bone idle and just kept the mail if he felt he had done enough.
Apparently when he was found out by management they looked in his car and the boot was stuffed full and they found the same at his home !
It looks like about 10 out of 30 plants have survived . Amazing when they have been bundled up in a plastic bag for so long

These new posties are a waste of space, ours never seems to deliver post on a Monday, Wenesday or a Friday   but does seem to manage to deliver Tuesday and Thursday if we are lucky sometimes on a Saturday.

Our old postie was as regular as clockwork, everyday even if you don't have post there is always tons of other junk.

It might all change now, as I heard this morning our postie has just been nicked for drink and drive while on has route yesterday, someone on his route ring after the police.  

Now back to strawberries, I was given a cardboard box full of strawberry plants, about 6-7 weeks ago, at that time I did not have anywhere to plant them so I chucked some soil on top of them in the box, watered regularly, and planted out all but two of the 22 plants, I can see some are in flower.

Seems that strawberries are pretty hardy.

I took on new plot last winter and there was an old strawberry bed full of weeds so I thought it was past saving so threw some black plastic on to kill every thing.
Took it off this spring all the weeds dead and with in a couple weeks all the strawberry sprung to life and I have had 6kg so far
So they are pretty tough

Captain that is a great reward  

We are about to plant ours out now.

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