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Straw bale gardening

Anyone tried it?  

Understand its a case of water straw bales for a week then leaving for two then planting plants direct into the straw - you leave the bales still with their twine on - ready made raised beds, weed free and each bale should last a year.

Any tips/thoughts?

Haven't come across this before but sounds interesting.

I think its an American thing that has come over here - I'll find a few links and post them up - the idea is you can have a temporary raised bed for just a few pounds anywhere you want whether that be a drive way, patio, rocky ground, whatever and compost or mulch at the end of its use.  only heard of it myself today.  Doesn't work with hay because of the grass seeds that are still in it but what, barley and oat straw are ideal.  Anyway, still doing research as I have an area (about 3/4 of an acre) that is quite rocky and at the moment redundant so I thought an experiment with a dozen straw bales might be fun...think its small plants you put out not seeds though

i tryed it last year started well but did'nt feed often enough i think as all just died off water with muck water i think is the way

you have to feed with liquid feed then?

yep start water one day feed(liquid feed)water,feed for 14 days then plant young plants little compost in the hole and then just water and feed as nomal plants but i think liquid feed every week or so will keep the plants strong (unlike mine last year)

We did an easy one once called "Gardening from your couch" the book title, ie put spuds on ground cover with straw and water, other plantsmake small hole in 4" cover of straw plant just into ground push straw back up to plant. To harvest spuds lift straw pick them up of ground all nice and clean IT reallyworked all we did was water no weeds, clean veges on top of straw.

wow all these years of struggling with solid clay and now you show me this method done a bit of web surfing and found this fantastic

deffenetly going to grow carrots this way  


      Will try this if I can hold of some straw!!!      

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