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Stratford on Avon

OH and I have enjoyed a day together wondering around the place re-re-visiting places we have not visited for at least 5 years . All the usual touristy things.
How its changed, lots of pedestrian areas and the amount of wine bars, bistro's and restaurants ...well almost every other shop, in between the big named clothing stores and some very very exclusive ladies and gents clothing 'Boutiques'.  
Glanced in one shop window, 70% off sale....nice jacket I  commented ...
OH..pulled me away...223.00 in the sale....It wasn't my size anyway..  

Must say though we called in a waterfront pub for lunch and a drink, excellent service, good food and cheaper than my own locals.
Would certainly, should we go again use the place.
Decided to go mid week however thinking it would be wrong can one be....

All in all we both had a good day out together...suppose thats what realy where's me spade...  

Shame how these places just go to the dogs (wealthy ones)

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