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On Sunday I fished out of my pond 5 dead fish.  I have just looked at them again and found all but about six are left   I had at least 50.  Don't know whether it's the cold or what, anybody got any ideas


I think that Herons usually catch and take. I doubt that its been cold enough this winter to kill fish Shelia. Thats a real mystery.

My son, who keeps tropical fish, asks are you possibly near anywhere that might have used pesticides or fertiliser that could have leached into you pond?

No, not near any pesticides, nor heron.  Next door but ones fish are ok. Real mystery  

He says you could always check that there's nothing fouling up your filtration system?

We had to cover our garden pond with netting the other day because we had had a heron ,we lost a few fish but we should be safe now.

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