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Strange Mutant Chick ?

No this isn't what might be the start of a weird add in a shady contact mag.  We've got a weird mutant chick visiting our bird feeding station.
Yesterday I had to do a double take when I glimpsed this bird happily feeding with some juvenile gold finches, chaffinches and green finches. I'm not sure what he or she is but its obviously a this years chick and its partly albino.

I have to apologise for the standard of the photographs but they were the best I could get. In a blind panic I had to grab my crap camera and take the pictures through the glass of our kitchen window and consequently, they fail to convey how startlingly white the birds head was, or the other white patches it had on its body.
It was quite a bit bigger than the juvenile goldfinches it was feeding with and had a little bit more of the greenfinch about it but I'm not sure.

The other thing that makes me think that he isn't a goldfinch is that you can see in the photos that he's feeding on the sunflowers, when our goldfinches seem to feed almost exclusively on the Niger seeds that we provide.

The second pic the finch does not seem to be happy about it being there


Bodger, send the pics to the RSPB and see what they think.

No idea what your wee bird is, but it's funny you should post this just now. I briefly glimpsed a wierd starling on the bird feeder in the rowan tree yesterday, and it's just been and gone again, but it's entire head is white.
Very odd looking.


He's back again and once again, he's flown in with a couple of chaffinches. He definitely doesn't look like one though.

The return of an old friend.

This afternoon our mutant greenfinch put in another appearance. He or she hasn't been to our bird feeding station since last September and it looks as though the autumn and winter has been good to him. He certainly looks in much better nick than he did the last time we saw him.

Rare one

Nice to know that it survived and seems to be thriving.

That's great to see - I often wonder how many of our feathered visitors come back, you can never be sure unless they have some defining characteristic

He or she is on the feeder now.

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