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Strange bird..

I need help please, identifying a bird that has taken up residence somewhere near WCF Towers.  

I haven't managed to get a recording of it, but there are two distinct syllables, an "ah" followed by a not particularly tuneful trill. The nearest calls we have found on youtube are a heron (which are frequent visitors) and an egret (which I gather are moving into the south of England).

The thing is, all this starts at dusk and continues all night, all night until about 9 in the morning.  It is possible that it carries on during the day but what with all the other noise (a huge colony of house sparrows live in our hedge) we just can't hear it.  That said, it has to sleep sometimes!  

Any ideas anyone?  

Not much to go on Sue but how about a partridge or possibly a nightjar?
Yorkshire Geordie

This clip has the nightjar's sound:-


Definitely not a nightjar. The trill is more warbly.

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