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At the moment, we have a multifuel room heater in the kitchen. It really belts the heat out and can be used to warm food up but I've always fancied having something thats a little bit more versatile. A stove that has more of a cooking option
I've been trawling through the internet and come up with this.
Its obviously not going to take the place of our electric cooker but it certainly looks as though it could offer useful back up during the frequent powercuts that we have.
Its certainly more reasonably priced than some that are on the market. What do you reckon ? Cheap and nasty or worth a look at ?
chicken feed

looks good.

we have a rayburn multifuel running the heating, water and winter cooking, next to it we have a electric cooker, very handy at christmas it gives me a 4 oven option and enough space for 7 - 8 pans.

the kettle is always on here durnig the winter too  

Rayburn of some variant, my Nouvelle burns pretty much any solid fuel from smokeless through coal, logs to peat though haven't tried the last! Unless something has changed in the last 15 or so years since I bought it nothing else is close to the build quality or reliability according to everyone (not just dealers) I spoke to. They come up on freecycle and some pretty cheap on ebay unless the price jumps towards the end! eg

We have an "orion" coal range made in N.Z. that was second hand when we put it in our relocated house and chuked the electric one out   it burns anything   even old beef bones after dogs had em. That one looks a great one would love it

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