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my pup has had the runs for 2 days now.... he's been wormed. have tried adding boiled egg and rice with his feed.(skinners puppy) he's drinking and playing ok. any suggestions what i can try to firm up his poo  
Yorkshire Geordie

I just browsed and came across this site;gclid=CJXshfirvdECFYm4GwoddzgMUw

They have tested various treatments:-

              Beef                                Chicken Eggs
              Corn                                Barley
              Wheat                             Millet
              Soy                                Oatmeal
             Cow's Milk                     Salmon
              Lamb                             Rabbit
             Venison (Deer)                    Rice
             Chicken                            Quinoa
             Turkey                              Potato
             Sweet Potato                     Peanut/Peanut Butter
             Pork                                     White Colored Ocean Fish (includes sardines, herring)
             Duck                                     Lentil (includes peas)

Failing that advice, if the trouble persists then perhaps the remedy can be found here:-


If you copied that list from Hemopet's site they really must be slipping.

White Colored Ocean Fish (includes sardines, herring)

Sardines and herrings are not white ocean fish.  They are oily fish, as is salmon, and the last type of fish to give a pup with the squits.  Cow's milk should not be given to a pup of any age, and pork is far too fatty for a squitty one.

just found out that storm had been wormed with some cheap crap...
bob martin stuff. has anyone used the drontal tasty bone on there dogs/puppies.

I have always given my dogs Drontal Plus tablets [not the flavoured ones as my vet only has the plain ones].  The only problem with those is that they need poking down their throats, but my vet has the pleasure of doing that!  

I use Drontal for our labs - as they are labs I don't have Juli's problem - they eat anything

think i may have sorted the runny poo....
gave him a drontal, then he had boiled
rice with plain boiled turkey and some live yogurt. seems to have done the trick. not that firm but at least its formed ok  

When my lurcher was a young 'un he had a similar problem, he lost a lot of body fluids and became very weak, I bought some Dioralyte and made up the drink using 50% of the sachet, I used an oral syringe to give it to him as he was so disinterested he wouldn't take anything, reckon it saved his life.  

always nice to hear a good end result...

Chappie - but feed it little and often so as not to overload his stomach. we always use Panacur as it is liquid and can be applied by syringe - very good for helping with stomach upsets. All of that said if it is a young pup I would be taking it to the vets first.................

the runny poo has almost turned solid....using plain boiled pumpkin. this was mashed, then one desert spoon full added to his rice and turkey with a small amount of his dry food. does the trick. lots of info, on google.  
Dave C

What food was he weaned on ?

hi dave, he was weaned on doctor john gold. which as you might know is a field and working adult dog food.i said to the farmer i got him from about this not being puppy food... his reply was( all my pups do ok on it...)  so i have been feeding him that....
Dave C

The Lurcher pup i got my son was weaned on Redhills racer, which is hi in protein but not necessarily the Wright proteins for puppies.

So as soon as I got her home she was wormed and we put her on Beta Puppy, which I find is a medium quality/ price puppy food.

Pleased yours has dried up a bit pal  

thanks for that dave  

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