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Storing garlic

Well how do you store yours?
I'm not talking massive amounts - just the packs of bulbs you buy from the supermarket.
Even though I use a lot of garlic I still find that I'm throwing the last bit away because it's gone green and mouldy, especially once I've broken the bulbs open.
I've tried storing in a cotton bag in the cupboard, in an open pot - even under a crock flowerpot or hanging up the mesh bag it comes in, but nothing seems to work.
Just lately I've been chopping and freezing it before it has a chance to wither.
Any suggestions?

I get mine from a neighbour who grows them in France, they come to me at about 3.5" diameter and already plaited, so I hang them in the utility room, where it is cool and airy.
If any break off the plait, of if I have to buy garlic, I hang it too, sometimes using the (WASHED) toe end of Mrs 12Bore's tights - I usually use the ones that she isn't wearing...

The OH was having the same problems, so I did a quick google and found the following,

Odd ones we also store in the cool shelves of the fridge.

We have also hung them in old stockings/ tights in the past, however we have found the finer the denier the better they store            

Diggers, I bow to your superior knowledge of ladies' lingerie!  

   Thanks chaps. I'm off to cut up some old tights now, although that's just given me an idea...when we sell necklaces in the shop we put them in little organza bags with a drawstring tie, which could do the trick too. I'll report back.

I know it isn't garlic but my hubbie air dries and keeps boillies for fishing in the mesh bags you get for putting in the washing mashine. They should be about the correct size.

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