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The OH and I have a drive out this afternoon and where stopped by a cock pheasant, yes a cock pheasant.

As we were driving down a quiet country road he walked calmly from the grass verge onto the road and just stood there, I hit the horn nothing so I got out of the truck and he walked calmly away to the verge and turned and stood there looking at me, but by the time I was back in the truck he stood in the middle of the road again, ok there nothing else to do, I drove slowly forwards and he moved in to a field, as I put my foot down so did he, he ran along side the truck for about 100 meters, and then stopped, what his behaviour meant, god only knows.

Luckily I had my camera, so here are a few image of the episode.

Here he is running along side the truck.

As you can see from the pics he has a green leg ring, so I think he is used to people.

Maybe"Get off my road"  love the photos

Just as a matter of interest, what's the colour of your truck? It's been known for a male pheasants to have attacked a dull red coloured truck. I think there was a case where a cock pheasant attacked a postal van but would only do this in the springtime...maybe thinking it was invading his territory?

Great pics  

Cocky little b*gger ain't he?

Its the time of year when they get all confrontational and aggressive. I was  attacked by a cock pheasant  years ago and it was nasty, pecking me on the face and hands. I was really scared. These days now I am over my bird phobia I would just kick it up the arse. They are incredibly stupid and probably mistook your car for another male  Love Lizzie

he is a handsome fella! he may be sadly disappointed tho , if he thinks he can stop every truck...

Very cheeky!

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