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Still flowering

The sweet peas are still flowering well

and today the garden was buzzing

I love sweetpeas  and grew them from seed this year - they were very late to develop and turned out to be a dwarf variety   Oh Well, I shall know better for next year  

I cheated and bought a couple of pots of seedlings to prick out. It worked out really cheap. The ones against the shed have faired much better than those in pots.

1/. it's more sheltered

2/. I'm rubbish at remembering to water pots. I loose interest very easily. I like a garden that looks after itself to some extent.
Grandma Bodger

next year my Sweet peas are going to be planted in the garden like you Sandra not in containers I like the idea of buying the seedlings in a pot. mine went over far to quickly having them started in the greenhouse

This is the first year I've planted straight into the ground. I'm so pleased with them, they are the best I've had.

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