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Dave C

Starting to get some style

My Wirehaired Vizsla bitch pup is 4 months now and i am starting to like her style.

Her coat is just starting to break

Just doing basic training with her, but carnt wait to get her on some birds, maybe next season.


She looks a cracker got that searching look to her.

She looks grand, I often wonder how long ot will take a pup to grow into their paws!

she looks great, always had a soft spot for the wire-haired vizla, look great and good working dogs. however ive ended up with another spaniel...and probably taking a pup next year too. spaniel town
Dave C

Yeh she is beginning to be a handful, what have i done

Gona be a different animal to train to my lab, but i knew that having had a GWP before.

I have also had a cocker but never a Springer yet,   maybe next time.

Aww she is stunning

She looks very inquisitive - she's concentrating in all of those photos

Lovely pup!
Our two wouldn't sit still in a large open space  
Any training tips?

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