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Stamp It Out

With only a couple of days left until the first of December, and the real onslaught of the 2009 Christmas Season, it is yet again the time to think about saving the postage stamps from all of those cards, letters, and parcels, etc.

When you receive these items through the post, please take the time to carefully remove the stamps, and put them to one side so that a charity may benefit from them.

Yet again this year, I shall nominate only 5 charities that accept stamps. It is not a definitive list, and may not include a charity of your choice, and so I will leave that for you to sort out. Possibly you may like to include a link to your chosen charity to this thread.

The National Guide Dogs for the Blind;

They also accept other recycled items such as; mobile phones, ink cartridges, etc. and these can be sent diretly via a freepost facility in conjuction with Royal Mail. If you have single items, please send them to:


NB: This is a freepost address that Royal Mail will then forward on to Guide Dogs. It is important that the address is written as above (in capitals) to ensure they can process it properly.

The Air Ambulance service.
There are many Air Ambulance centres throught the United Kingdom. The list would be far too long for me to type out, and therefore I have provided a link to the Air Ambulance Association. You may scroll down the list and find the operational address of your local Air Ambulance service here:

The Royal National Insititute for the Blind;

The British Red Cross :[url][/url]

The Rainbow Trust; Rainbow Trust Children's Charity provides practical and emotional support to families who have a child with a life threatening or terminal illness:

OK, that is my 5 nominated charities for this year You may like to take a look at this link, as it lists a few more charities that accept stamps and other recyclable items;
liverpool pete

i will save them and see if the office at work will as well.
all very worthy causes  

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