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Stained Glass

When my wife and I moved to Devon, over two years ago now, I was particularly fond of the view of the River Otter, its entry into the sea and the red banks, green vegetation and pine trees.

This is a picture I took of the scene:-

My wife and I decided that it was a view we liked so much that we decided to make a window and glaze it with the scene.
We had a new kitchen fitted and whilst the works were under way we persuaded the builder to shove our desired window into an otherwise blank wall of our living room.
A stained glass maker on Exeter Quay was commissioned to produce the glazing which I got framed.
I put it into the internal reveal of the window and here is the finished article in today's sunshine:-

Proper Job, as the locals say.  

I bet the sun light in the room is beautiful and soothing from that window.

That is a very nice job.

What a beautiful reminder of the scene. It must change with every different light setting.  

That is fantastic!!

Looks wonderful  

I love stained glass and have done a bit.
The problem is (having double glazing) finding where in the house to use it properly!

An internal window is you think he'd put one in somewhere for me?

It's beautiful! I love stained glass and the light it throws across a room.

That is beautiful!  

Just lovely!

What a wonderful idea!  

That is very good love it

That is lovely  

mrs tiggywinkle

Thats excellent. i love it. Bet it looks lovely when the sun shines!

This is of the lighthouse out at  "Castle Point"

Love it, I'd love to have a go at stained glasswork.

Its not as hard as you'd think.  I went on a 10 week course a few years back, the first 3 weeks we were shown what to do, the rest of the time we were coached in simple projects.

The gear is a bit pricey - you need a grinder (50), a soldering iron and a couple of other bits and bobs, and the glass is about a tenner a small foot square sheet.  There are 2 types copper foil (for fiddly intricate stuff) or lead(windows mainly).
Id like to do a small bit on my website (when i have time) but there are plenty of tutorials on Utube - mainly American, but very good.

Love how you 'captured' the photo so well!! Very nice and I'm guessing it is a nice lighting of colour in the room! Very nicely done!

Nice lighthouse Sod! Beautiful as well!

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