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St. Lucia

... in the sunny Caribbean Sea  

Sun, sea, sand and alcohol - just what we needed.

We did no trips, not even to the Bar as we only had to stick a flag in the sand to get service  

There was a chicken, and somewhere i have a pic of her on the beach, which I shall post when I find it.

Sounds lovely, just what I need in fact.

It sounds as though you had a totally relaxed time - has the feeling worn of yet?

It wore off on the long drive back from Gatwick  

The tan's fading too  

I do still have some Spiced Rum left though  

Glad you had a good time Mo, how did it look for sailing  

Sounds great  

There were quite a few boats sailed by, Jonty. Some stopped for lunch and a dip  

Sounds lovely - just what you need at this time of year. Looking forward to pictures.

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