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St Fagans.

When we went down to St Fagans last Easter, the place was a bit of a mess and large areas of the site had the atmosphere of not being anything like ready for visitors. Now we do love visiting St Fagans but on our last visit, there were unfinished projects all over the place. Instead of starting one thing and finshing it, they seemed to have bitten off way more than they could chew and quite frankly, we came away feeling disappointed with the state of things.
On a brighter note, the museum has finished at least one of its projects. This building will be a great addition to the exhibits

Thirty years to take it down and put it back together again. Those young apprentices have grown old during that time.

Ohh will have to have a trip over and have a look at that.

Thanks Bodger  

Surprised you were disappointed by St Fagans - weve always loved it there. Such a wonderful time capsule and amazingly for such an educational and interesting place -free to visit. Love Lizzie

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