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mrs tiggywinkle


This little chap comes and feeds on the peanuts regularly. I know people call them vermin and say I should "get rid" of him.  BUT hes sweet and as of yet hasnt done any harm to the feeders themselves, so in my book he can stay.

Sorry hes sideways on.....taken on my phone!!!!

I've told you what I'd do.  

Honestly, I like seeing the about. They're destructive when they're determined to get into something, but on the whole, they're interesting to watch.

There's one sitting in the Rowan tree outside my living room window just now, cheerfully lifting the lid on the bird house feeder thing and filling it's cheeks


Ah but.... if it wasn't for them, maybe you would still be able to see some native reds in your garden.

That is very true. However, the tree coverage around here is incredibly diverse and even when the reds were brought back in (from a forestry area where they were nipping the growing tops off the trees that were intended as timber crop) they didn't thrive. No idea why, and the local countryside rangers, who organised the re-colonisation didn't have one either.
I honestly think some areas just suit them better than others, and we've so altered the environment that they're not going to do so well anyway.

There are still some reds around here, but nowhere near as openly visible or bold as the greys, and in nothing like the numbers.


Double post. Please delete.

Yorkshire Geordie

They are very cute, but harmful to reds.  
We have greys in our neck of the woods and they visit Mrs YG's bird feeding perches quite regularly.
Here is one such taken yesterday - it was just starting to persistently at the time.  

Just before he came we had a Newcastle United player visit the table, so I shot him as well.

Sorry to highjack your thread.  

That,s the way to go

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