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squirrel pipe trap

Do any of you know how to set a squirrel pipe trap ? apparently you seal one end put bait in and set it at an angle so squirrel crawls in but cant get back out .Diagram would be good. Thanks.

I haven't heard of that one mate.
Yorkshire Geordie

I just Googled "Squirrel pipe trap", Rembrant.
First suggestion was a DIY one:-

No pictures but the description and instructions are simple.
Good luck.


Thanks im gonna have a go at making one tomorrow.
matt the rat

Don't forget that if any homemade trap for anything other than rats, mice or moles includes a spring, it will not be legal to use unless you submit it for approval under the Spring Traps Approval Orders.

That's if you tell anyone of course.

set my pipe trap level on a branch ,bait in middle and a small snare each end , just seen a squirrel by it and bait gone ,reset it and try again tomorrow. good fun trying to out wit em..

Them danged Squiggles.

Can you wire it up to the mains?

No squirrels yet ,bitten through wire snares,found 3 dead mice in pipe today.

All you need is a 3 ft drain pipe standing upright, with a way for them to get in. We had a terrible stench in our middle barn last year, it was a rotting squirrel  at the bottom of a discarded drain pipe.

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