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Watching our old mate Hugh doing this on RC just now.....................

I really fancy giving that a go, to be honest.

Anyone ever done this? And what are your favourite squid recipes?  

I like Squid slighty under cooked rather than over cooked and leathery, and I am very partial to it sauteed or poached in a Rosť wine.

When I have caught them (and Cuttlefish) it has always been by accident and not by design, and I prefer to eat Squid caught from clean rocky marks rather than murky silt or sand laden waters.

It's definately either got to be cooked really quickly on a high heat, or slowly braised, that's for certain. Anything in between & you end up with rubber!

I reckon that's why so many people say thay dislike squid, to be honest. I must admit, if I was served something that took half an hour to chew it'd put me off too.

My favourite way to prepare squid is to oil it, then griddle it over a really high heat for no more than a minute or so, & throw in some garlic & chilli for the last 20 seconds or so...................

I saw the same programme.  I've caught small octopus out in the bay but haven't heard of any one fishing for, or actually catching squid.

I watched a show about two guys whose boat sank in the Bay of California and there main concern were being eaten by the Humboldt Squid which apparantly gets to be 3.5 meters long.  They said during the day they worried about sharks but at night they were terrified that the squids who stay deep during the day but come up at night to feed would snatch them under.  I think if I caught one of these things I could feed the whole neighborhood.

I've seen those things on the tv, BB. Absolutely enormous!!!

Be a bit of a chore getting Calamari from one of those bad boys  

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